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You success is our business!

OGBP is a dynamic and innovative firm of Accountants, Auditors and Taxation Advisor

At OGBP we aim to understand our clients’ business’s and work with them in achieving their goals.

Client service was a core principle of O’Gorman Brannigan Purtill (OGBP) when it first opened in 1973 and it remains so today.  Our early beginnings were in the difficult years of the early 1970’s.  We grew and prospered in tandem with the economy and now we are well positioned as ever to cater for the needs of its extensive and growing client base as difficult times returned and have hopefully left us again. 

OGBP is a dynamic and innovative firm of Accountants, Auditors and Taxation Advisors.

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Since opening it’s doors in 1973, the firm has seen huge expansion through organic growth, with offices in Clonmel and Dublin.

O’Gorman, Brannigan Purtill & Co.’s first home was in Dr. Croke Place, before moving to Peter Street in 1988 and then on to its current  Anglesea House location in January 2015 which caters for continued growth in the future  in a more modern setting. Founding partners included Clonmel’s Tom O’Gorman who was later joined by Pierce Brannigan and Patrick Purtill.  

Pierce Brannigan, Tom O’Gorman (seated) and Patrick Purtill (RIP), knew the importance of servicing the clients’ needs during good times and bad.  We have found over the years that a large proportion of our new clients come to us on the recommendation of existing clients. Tom is now the ‘senior’ partner in a family run firm, joined by sons Patrick, John and Thomas whose combined expertise gives the firm a unique insight into the needs of its clients.  The four O’Gorman’s are joined by tax expert Audrey Crean as partners in the firm that has an additional staff of 19 divided between Clonmel and Dublin.  The Dublin office opened in 2002 and this is led by partner John O’Gorman who has ensured it’s growth from then to now.

OGBP Accountants and Auditors Pierce Brannigan, Tom O’Gorman and Patrick Purtill